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Mastermind workshops

Are you wondering what a Mastermind group is and how it could benefit you? Watch this brief video to find out more then contact me to find out about my latest groups.

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Mastermind Workshops

My Mastermind workshops are held via free conference calls so you can attend from anywhere! I record every session and provide every participant with a link after each workshop session so that you can play it back and review it in your own time.

My new 6-week mastermind workshops have been developed based on feedback from my clients and offer a deeper look into the lessons within John C. Maxwell books.  These are fully interactive workshops where participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Whether you are interested in personal growth or are looking to develop as a leader these workshops have something for everyone. I am so confident that you will take something from the workshop that I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you honestly feel they have been of no benefit to you - you will not be disappointed!

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Your satisfaction is my Guarantee

I am confident that I can add value to your life and offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of my services. If you do everything that we discuss and are not "Completely satisfied" with the results I will return your money - Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

What our customers are saying

 I know that we have talked about this in the past, however I really want to thank you for your continued support. You have been one of the most influential leaders I have had the pleasure to report to. Your values and work ethic helps me to want to be a better person and employee. It also helps to inspire me to try and inspire others much like I have seen you do for myself as well as others. Thank you for all you do, I really don't feel that you will ever truly understand the impact that you have had on my life, both personally, and professionally.

Zach Varnes